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About Microbiomax

What is Microbiomax?

Microbiomax is a super-probiotic supplement unlike that of any found in over-the-counter in pharmacies or health food stores. This blend contains the essential 42 strains of probiotics (flora) that are responsible for catalysing reactions to produce neurotransmitters (such as serotonin and dopamine) and GcMAF for switching on your immune system. It took 600 clinical trials to discover the exact combination of bacteria required to reconstitute the human gut Microbiome.


Conventional medical beliefs lead us to drugs, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy whenever we run into problems. However this enhanced super-probiotic blend gives us a healthy and natural alternative to combat disease at the source: by reconstituting the uncorrupted human gut (Microbiome), we are switching on and maintaining our immune system at a very high level thus providing a force shield to protect us from harmful viruses and tumours. As this is a natural therapy, it comes without any adverse effects and it has been proven safe in scientific and medical studies.


A suppository may be offered that does not contain milk for those with allergies. However, when the gut immune system gets turned back on severe allergies, eczema and psoriasis often resolve over weeks of super enhanced probiotic replacement in the gut.


Healing happens when the “GUT” instinct is tuned in and turned on!

Is there any research and did it show results?

Over 150 published peer review research studies has shown:

  • The reversal of the primary gene code of ageing.
  • The control of resistant infection and reduced viral load in people with HIV, 
hepatitis, herpes and other chronic viral infections

How before your results?

After just a few weeks of daily supplementation, the positive effects can be felt in the majority of people: improved digestion, better memory and concentration, skin changes, more energy, and fewer coughs and colds were reported.

This is the beginning of the end of autism
- late Dr Bradstreet